Top 1% Of Realtors Focus On These 3 Things - Daily
Written by Ben Field on March 8, 2020
The difference between the top and the bottom is massive.

It’s a skewed pyramid, with a few at the top and many at the bottom.

Why is there a massive gap in the 1% vs. the 99%? 

How is it that some realtors make massive liquid wealth…

While some can barely afford to pay the rent? 

Well, the Rainmakers in the realtor industry… 

The players with multi 6-figure profits…

And days in revenue that would trump an average realtor's monthly income … 

Well, they focus on 3 Key Things Daily. 

Now, take a good look at this chart:

Warren Buffett’s wealth grew exponentially, it compounded to make him one of the wealthiest people in the world.

But just like money grows exponentially, so do actions. 

I find it fascinating how most people know this about money not actions. ACTIONS = RESULTS

People are familiar with compounding when dealing with money — but fail to recognize the cause and effect relationships with their actions & the size of their client list.

I like to call this “Wish Marketing”. 

It goes like this: 

They get up. They go to the office (or don’t go to the office). They get on the computer, check their email and facebook, buy a shiny object like a pair of headphones and hope that a referral lead comes in. 

Totally erroneous.

The Rainmakers — the 1%… 

Well, they relentlessly focus on daily power activities that will push the throttle and “move the plane forward”.

The 3 Things The Top 1% Focus On Daily

In any business, not just realtors, it’s essential to have systems in place to get new leads into the pipeline. Every business needs leads. No leads, no business.

A predictable system like a level you can pull and out pops a client. 

Now, I’m fully aware that the realtor industry has completely changed with the rapid emergence of the Internet. 

And I can see how challenging this stuff can be when trying to pick the right opportunity which yields the highest return on investment (with time or money). 


The RAW REALITY is …. to make more monthly income and grow your business, you need more appointments. More appointments = more monthly income. 

With that being said — the only 3 things you should focus on are: 

Generating client appointments with your ideal client

Converting them into an appointment. 

Conducting the appointment in a systematic, step by step way to streamline the sales process & increase your conversion rate

That is it. 

And NEVER has it been so easy to do this. 

You’re IDEAL CLIENT is literally at your fingertips. 

You can directly connect & spark a conversation with your ideal client, right now. 

Not only does this skyrocket trust … it’s personal, less salesy, and instant. 

And that’s what the top 1% focus on. 

They adapt to their environment, leverage new technologies and evolve. 

They’re utilizing the ‘New Way’ of Client Acquisition to get in front of prospective clients. They spark a conversation, provide value, then ask them to hop on a call if they want help. 

How To Systemize The Client Attraction Process

It’s all about leverage. 

We are blessed with machines in today's modern world. 

Where you no longer have to do tedious, monotonous tasks which take up valuable, precious time. 

Now, you’re probably wondering what can I do? Where do I start? 

Well, there’s 1 main platform which gives you an endless stream of qualified, ready-to-go prospects who want and need your help, now. 

This platform is Facebook 

Now, before you bash them and say “I’ve tried that, it doesn’t work” … or “My clients aren’t on Facebook” …. you’re wrong. No discussion. 

Here’s what you’re probably doing wrong: 

You’re a generalist (serve anybody, not clear on your niche)

You’re not on the same wavelength as your prospect

Your message is not effective and does not resonate with the prospect

You have no system in place to convert leads into an appointment or nurture leads 

You’re not providing value up front. 

You’re speaking in logical, complicated terms — complicating your solution

I mean those are just a few. Does that sound a bit about what you’re facing? Be honest. Face the music and improve. 

Here’s how to fix this: 

Become a specialist; let all the other advisors put their nose to the grindstone while you attract prospects in droves, effortlessly

Craft your Facebook profile and content to speak to that specific niche market

Personally message prospects & spark a conversation 

Create articles / blog posts & boost them with paid advertising on Facebook

Set up Machines — for your Facebook (Online Sales Funnel) for people to book calls directly in your calendar on autopilot using some scheduling software

Provide value exchanges; pieces of “guarded content” in return for their contact info 

These are just a few ways.

Like Buffett, if you focus on these 3 things, daily — your growth & income will compound exponentially. 

Now, if you really want to throw fuel on the fire, there are some strategies which I go over in my Free Case Study video where I show you how realtors are getting appointments.

But with the tips above and focusing on getting in front of your ideal clients via Facebook tailored to your niche …Then converting them into a consultation & taking them through the sales process, you will dominate. No doubt in my mind. 

Hopefully you’ve found this article valuable.

Now, I want you to take action. 

No reason you can’t get a few appointments today.

Like I said, it’s instant, quick, and high ROI on your time. Especially when you can automate it and scale things up. 

Take what you learned and go get it. No reason why you can’t.

Now you just need to put in the work, you've got this!

- Ben


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